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Brief introduction of wire rope clip

Update time : 2021-08-30

The wire rope clip is mainly used for the temporary connection of the wire rope and the fixing of the backhand rope when the wire rope is passed around the block, as well as the fixing of the rope end of the wind rope on the pole, including phosphate coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, etc. Steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope. It is a wide wire rope clip used in hoisting operations.

Other names: wire rope clip, wire clip reel, steel wire clip, steel wire rope rolling head.

brief introduction of wire rope clip

Types of wire rope clips:
Commonly used in the market are carbon steel casting processes. National standards stipulate that cast wire rope clips can be used. However, with the development of modern industrialization, due to some defects of natural technology (pores, cracks, sand inclusions), cast wire rope clips should be used with caution on special occasions such as humidity, acidity and alkalinity, and frequent shocks.

The purpose of the wire rope clip:
1. Carbon steel cast wire rope clips are commonly used for static bolting and rope tensioning, such as power, communication lines, and strapping.
Forged wire rope clips are often used for lifting and lifting loads, such as various engineering cranes, metallurgical mining equipment, oil field derricks, port, and railway loading and unloading, forestry machinery, power equipment, aviation and maritime, land transportation, engineering rescue, and salvaging sunken ships, Factory and mining enterprise lifting, hoisting, traction rigging.
Stainless steel wire rope clips are used in marine accessories, chemical plants, radiation, and other environments because of their corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

2. Features: It has the same strength as steel wire rope, safe use, beautiful appearance, smooth transition, high safety load for hoisting operation, resistance to impact load, and long service life.

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