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Precautions for the use of rigging

Update time : 2021-08-30

1. Do not use damaged rigging
2. When hoisting, do not twist the rigging
3. Don’t let the rigging get knotted
4. Avoid tearing apart the sewing joints or overloading work
5. When moving the rigging, don’t drag it
6. Avoid grabbing or shocking the load
7. Every rigging must be checked before every use
8. Tape fiber has the function of resistance to inorganic acid, but it is easily damaged by organic acid.
9. Polypropylene is suitable for use in places that are most resistant to chemicals
10. Nylon is resistant to inorganic acids and is easily damaged by organic acids
11. When nylon is damp, the strength loss can reach 1 5%
12. If the rigging is likely to be contaminated by chemicals or used at high temperatures, you should seek advice from the supplier.

precautions for the use of rigging

The sling is a device for lifting heavy objects in a hoisting machine. The most commonly used spreader for lifting a piece of goods is a hook. Others include rings, lifting suction cups, clamps, and forks. Lifting suction cups, clamps and forks can be used as special spreaders on the crane for a long time, and can also be used as replaceable auxiliary spreaders hung on the hooks for temporary use. They are often used in warehouses and yards of multiple cargoes to improve operations. efficient. The spreader for grabbing bulk materials is generally a grab bucket with an openable and closable jaw, and an electromagnetic chuck can also be used to suck magnetically conductive materials such as metal chips. Spreaders for lifting liquid materials are commonly used in buckets and hanging tanks. Generally, molten steel or chemical solutions are discharged by tilting or bottom plugging, and liquid materials such as concrete are discharged by opening the bottom door of the hanging tank.

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